Old Mutual Financial Advisers and Brokers were finding it tough to sell to clients and keep them on their books because of the tight economic environment. We were asked to arm Advisers with a conversation piece that would help support their clients and aid the Advisers in driving sales and persistency.


In a tough economy, the real competitor for Old Mutual is not other financial institutions alone. In fact, a far more aggressive competitor fighting for a share of their clients’ wallets are major retailers. They spend an average of R35 billion per year on merchandising, promotions and advertising to market to these customers. Using neuroscience and behavioural economics, retailers target customers to squeeze every last rand out of them – leaving them with nothing left to save or invest.


Empower Advisers so that they can make their clients aware of these retail ‘tricks’ that encourage their clients to spend more. By creating awareness, their clients can prepare themselves for the onslaught of ‘2 for the price of 1’ messages, sale messages, visual stimulus and other mechanisms that make sure we all spend way more than we plan to spend every time we visit the shops.


We created a conversation piece in the form of a brochure called SAVINGS MATTERS that enlightened the client as to how easily we part with our money. It showed the client what to look for and how to avoid the pitfalls of irresponsible spending. It highlighted facts such as ‘you spend 29% more if you take your kids shopping with you and 19% more if you shop with your spouse’. It had interactive compound interest wheels that illustrated what the right behaviors would do for your wealth creation over time.


Advisers could have meaningful conversations with the clients and help them curtail their spending. This created better persistency and further opportunities to find better solutions for the clients. It gave the Advisers confidence to add real value and offer great practical advice in a very difficult economic environment.